Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Iced Coffee-No more watered down versions in my house!

I made ICED COFFEE that I found a recipe for on another blog called Dinner at our House and it is sooo good! I used to just have regular made coffee (refrigerate it for an hour or so) then add some ice and creamer but it would be watered down by the time I was halfway done. I'd never end up finishing my iced coffee..until now! I have to say it was a bit messy for me since I didn't have any mason jars and had to improvise but I say it is definitely worth it. I was spending 2$ a day on Mcdonalds Iced Coffee but not anymore! This one is wayyyyy better! You should try it.
Allison from Dinner at our House also linked this recipe to another blog called Southern Plate here. As I am a newbie to blogging about food my pictures aren't that great but I am hoping to improve with time. Suggestions are always welcome!

For this amazing delicious Iced Coffee:

You will need:
*container to brew coffee grounds in (mason jars seem to work best but since I didn't have any I just used a regular 1qt glass pyrex bowl!)
*ground coffee beans (fresher is best)
* coffee filters (bigger is better)
* bowl to strain coffee into
1.) place 1 cup of coffee into your glass container
2.) fill container with water-not to the brim since you will need to shake it
3.) place on your counter to brew for at least 12 hours. (I actually brewed mine in the fridge because I did it overnight)
4.) Place your strainer over a large bowl and line the strainer with a coffee filter then pour your coffee and let it strain.
5.) Put a Van Morrison CD in and play a little dance because you are about to have the best iced coffee ever!
6.) Switch out your filter, and strain the other half of your coffee.
7.) After its been drained, add sweeter and cream as you like it, don't forget the ice and enjoy!

**************NEW UPDATE********************

Adding a tablespoon or so of cocoa powder to the brew gives an iced mocha flavor result and its DELICIOUS!


  1. mmm...I have some more brewing right now. Yours looks great, and I'm glad you are enjoying that recipe! Southern Plate rocks!

  2. Just want to add- that looks like a great spot to relax with a tall glass of coffee!

  3. OOOO and guess what...last night I added a tablespoon or so of cocoa powder when I made the brew and it is soo tastes like an iced mocha!

  4. Oooh, iced mochas are my favorite!